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Suite 202 - 388 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Y 3X2


604 730 1422


We live in Vancouver because we love it here

There isn’t anywhere else in the world we’d rather call home. We have been fortunate enough to do many projects within British Columbia, but our client base and influence is global.

The west coast also suits us as a company with expertise in exposed wood construction. Some of the most vast forests and largest trees – nay, living entities – in the world surround us. Trees have provided the inhabitants of this land the bounties to build anything they could design for hundreds of thousands of years. We push this technological innovation forward.

And Vancouver is an emerging epicenter for interesting models of design, architecture and engineering. People look here for clues to what’s next, and while Vancouver is still young, it punches above its weight in influence and regard. Tapping into that energy inspires us.


Equilibrium is an award-winning Structural Engineering firm based in Vancouver, BC, known on the world stage for exceptional design of unique structures. A global leader in innovative timber engineering, Equilibrium is a fast growing firm with a reputation for quality people and products!

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