Banser Residence

Metchosin, British Columbia

Set on a stunning 67 acre waterfront property on Vancouver Island, this impressive 250 foot long private residence is raised on piers and cantilevered to allow for natural drainage to the protected Garry oaks lower afield. The structure features an elegant combination of finely detailed concrete, engineered wood products and structural steel.

Due to the considerable length of the building, a concern was raised that the natural hydrological flow within the thin organic soil strata overlaying the bedrock would be interrupted, and that the Garry oaks down slope of the house would perish. It was then decided that the house be entirely raised on concrete piers running down the central spine. The cast-in-place concrete floor structure is cantilevered on either side, creating a teeter-totter structure that slowly emerges out of the gently sloping site, and eventually becomes the boathouse.

Tall tapered concrete walls form a deep canyon along the central spine, providing lateral resistance for the engineered wood product walls and roof structure. A seawater stream, which is part of a heat recovery system, runs down the canyon and shoots out a spout at the tip to return to the sea.

Client: Banser Family
Architect: ID A Architecture
Budget: Undisclosed
Completed: April 2006

2004 Canadian Architect Magazine Award
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