Building 36 Granville Island

Vancouver - British Columbia

During heavy snowfall in December 2008 part of Building 36 on Granville Island collapsed under the weight of the snow. Due to the load transfer from the destroyed corner, heavy timber trusses of the main span started collapsing as well. The building was promptly shored and the reconstruction process began.
Failed wood trusses have been replaced with new glulam trusses, old displaced and cracked posts removed and a new lateral load resisting system was installed. Glulam was an obvious choice since long, slender and strong wood elements were required to fit in with the wood culture of Granville Island. Existing purlins, together with old parallel chord heavy timber trusses, have been reused and incorporated in the new structural system. The resulting mix of old and new shows that historical wood structures can be successfully renovated even after substantial partial collapse of the building.

Client: Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Architect: Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden
Completed: January 2010
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