Cactus Club Café at English Bay

Vancouver, British Columbia

The new Cactus Club Café at English Bay is wedged between Pacific boulevard and the popular English Bay beach. The bright, colourful and highly transparent structure has become a new focal point for hip dining in Vancouver’s West End.
The structure combines an elegant mix of exposed concrete, steel, glulam and structural glass. Innovative aspects of the structure include slender steel and glulam columns supporting the upper floor cast-in-place concrete slab in lieu of the standard cast-in-place concrete columns, as well as exposed hybrid glulam and steel moment frames, which help maximize perimeter glazing and ocean views. Particular attention was given to detailing to achieve a streamlined, elegant and light structure, contributing to the modern architectural expression of this unique landmark building.

Client: Cactus Club Cafe
Architect: Acton Ostry Architects Inc.
Completed: Summer 2012
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