Canadian Rockies International Airport

Cranbrook, British Columbia

Cranbrook Airport has been identified as a gateway through which tourists from afar can access the BC Rockies. Significant changes to the airport were made to accommodate larger aircraft and more passengers. These upgrades include an extension to the existing runway, terminal building expansion, and a series of upgrades to the fuelling, baggage handling, and related operational areas. Of significant interest is the new Canada Customs and Immigrations facility to ensure timely processing of passengers. The new air terminal building covers 2100 square metres and was completed in 2008.

The state of the art facility is mostly made of glass and wood to ensure the stunning Rocky Mountains are prominently positioned for viewing from all areas of the facility. The arrivals area is designed to handle international and domestic arrivals concurrently to ensure passengers complete a quick transition from airside, through customs to ground transportation in a efficient and timely manner.

Client: City of Cranbrook
Architect: Mcfarlane Green Architecture + Design
Budget: $6.3 million
Completed: Spring 2008
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