Kitsilano Residence

Vancouver - British Columbia

The client’s desire to renovate this character home and have a simple and quantifiable solution that goes beyond the typical checklist model, in addition to having additional seismic resistance beyond standard code requirements, resulted in a project that combines the Passivhaus concept with better structural engineering and construction practices.
In addition to the natural beauty of wood to restore the original character of the house and enhance the period home to meet architectural requirements fitting the neighbourhood, wood was the material of choice because of availability, structural properties, low heat conductivity and cost. As a result of the integrative design approach, that advanced residential construction, the house achieved an energy consumption less than a third of a typical new house at 28kWh/m2/annum and an air tightness of less than 0.8 in the door blower test, which is a quarter of a typical new residence. Integral to the envelope and the thermal comfort of the home, triple glazed energy efficient wood frame windows were installed.
Architectural, structural and energy design were combined in an integrated design approach that is still not common for residential construction. This improved level of comfort and seismic resistance was achieved at a similar cost to a new home constructed with conventional methods.

Energy concept, shell & envelope design & site supervision — Equilibrium Consulting Inc.
Structural Design – Equilibrium Consulting Inc.
Builder – Econ

Architect: Flechas Architecture
Completed: November 2008
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