Marie-Victorin Soccer Stadium

Montreal - Québec

This project consists of a new soccer stadium with 10 planar arches spanning 71 meters. The arches support secondary beams forming a clear-storey on one side, and supporting a higher, partially cantilevered lean on roof on the other side.

The project also includes a large double gymnasium, framed with 38 m span glulam-steel hybrid trusses, designed to optimize the efficiency of each material as well as state-of-the-art CNC fabrication techniques. Top chord and diagonal compression members are double glulam sections. All tension elements, including the bottom chord and the end diagonals consist of steel sections.

The superstructure of all ancillary spaces consists of simple post and beam glulam frames and include a multi purpose room and running track, offices, a cafeteria, a store as well as service and lobby areas. Lateral loads are entirely resisted by glulam chevron braces with ductile connections.

Client: Nordic Engineered Wood
Completed: Winter 2009

2011 Prix d’Excellence cecebois – Structural concept
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