Raleigh-Durham Airport

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

The use of an efficient proprietary German connection system, combined with connection details optimizing CNC fabrication are key in meeting budget and schedule on this innovative long span glulam roof structure, the largest in North America.

Equilibrium Consulting Inc. was retained by the glulam supplier to re-engineer the roof truss connections in order to meet the budget on this 320,000 square foot roof structure, the largest in North America (all phases combined). Equilibrium’s re-design saved approximately $2.0 million, and reduced the estimated fabrication time from the original 17 months to 11 months, to bring the timber supply contract with a combined budget of about $7.5 million.

The glulam and steel hybrid king-post trusses span 80 feet in the North and South concourses, and undulate in a playful and complex arrangement of two 156 foot continuous spans meeting the 80 foot concourse span over the Terminal building.

So called “extreme tension connections” in the concourse structure were designed to carry factored tension loads equivalent to the weight of 150 cubic metres of concrete

Client: Structurlam Products Inc
Architect: Fentress Bradburn Architects, Denver, CO
Budget: Overall: $235 Million – Glulam: $7.5 million
Completed: Phase I: 2008, Phases II & IV: 2010
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